Bowie – Advanced movement / physical challenges


This class is for dedicated guys and gals to learn new advanced skills, push boundaries, and challenge themselves against Holistic Sister’s head coach Georgie Gorman. 

Georgie runs these ad hoc classes to train with you, in a fun, explorative fashion. One week we focus on gymnastics, others weeks you’ll be faced with hardcore Crossfit WODs. And other weeks, we just create ridiculous challenges and enjoy a cold beer together at the end. 

Please note that this class is supervised, but not coached (the coach is joining you). Please see prerequisites, and don’t turn up with injuries. 

Each class runs from 45-90mins. We’re done, when we’re done. 


  • At least 12months regular strength training
  • Must be competent in loaded squats, deadlifts, bench press, over-head press
  • Ideally, competent in 1x full pull up (chest to bar)
  • Good sportsmanship
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