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This is an open invitation to the wider community to use our space, collaborate with us, host an event, or book in a regular class specific to you group or special needs.


TransForm – NOV 2018

TransForm is a not for profit health & fitness event for female identifying transgender individuals.

TransForm will be held on the 24th November at Holistic Sister in Footscray.

Our objective is to provide a fun, safe and supportive health event for individuals who may have otherwise found it difficult or uncomfortable exercising in classic chain gyms.

We want bridge that gap, and provide a space where all women can get together in a healthy environment, facilitated by qualified health & fitness coaches.

This is a free event, however bookings are essential 🙂


Composting – Coming back soon

With great pleasure Holistic Sister has a communal composting bin where you can drop off your compostable waste products. We understand that it’s not easy for everyone to house their own compost, so we take care of it for you. One of our gorgeous Members Serena Kaiser, kindly donates the waste to the @InnerWestVeggiePatch Community garden.

The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year. Much of this household waste is avoidable including recyclable product, and huge portion of compostable waste. As a collective, we can help reduce unnecessary landfill by reducing your household waste. Controlled composting  from organic matter provides vital nutrients to help plants grow strong, acts as an organic fertiliser, and increases the nutrient density of the growing plants.

How cool is that?

Feel free to drop by with your food scraps, but please be sure read carefully about what you can and cannot compost (See link). Please remove all stickers, rubber bands, or plastics that are often found on fresh produce.

Holistically Healthy & Happy

8 Week Challenge

Holistic Sister’s very first 8 Week Challenge Aug/Oct 2018, was consciously designed by women for women, to optimise their health for life. Our sustainable approach addresses 5 pillars of health, including; Nutrition, Movement, Rest, Environment and Relationships. It’s a hard working balancing act aligning all 5 elements. So we have done the hard work, by providing daily & weekly tasks which help you stay on track and move forward towards your health goals and beyond.

After such incredible success in 2018, we opened a second challenge in February 2019. The results have been outstanding, yet highlighting individual key areas of focus.

Challenges and significant changes were seen in sleep quality, increased energy & concentration, stress reduction & management, reduced anxiety & depressive symptoms, increased lean muscle mass, reduce total body fat & visceral fat. As well as overall feelings of well-being, joy and self-confidence.

Stay tuned for the next challenge commencing August 2019.

Locals to Legends

Pre-Draft Emerging Talent Program

Holistic Sister is proud to announce it’s inaugural 8 week training program designed for young local female talent with the Australian Rules community.

This comprehensive program has been developed to prepare young female athletes for elite competition. Over the course of 8 week, the girls will be educated in strength & conditioning, injury prevention & management, online coaching and performance tracking, mindfulness & education of what will be expected of them as athletes and leaders in AFLW, TAC Cup and Vic Metro Squads.

We are lucky enough to have Tash Turner as our leading Sports Performance coach, who will be conducting each session with the girls.

For more information please contact:

NRL Victoria Womens Sponsees

A message from Mitchell Kurtz
Female Participation Coordinator – NRL VIC

“Holistic Sister we promotes and encourages women to pursue their dreams in any sport. None is more evident than the work we are currently doing with NRL Victoria. Throughout 2018 we had the 9 NRL Victorian Women’s selected to play at the first NRL Women’s National Tournament get stronger, faster and fitter using our space. Post this tournament we have offered Lydia Quedley – Turua and Najvada George sponsorship, both women have been working out with us weekly, throughout their Rugby League season. Both women were a strong part of the Werribee Bears winning their first NRL Victoria Women’s Championship!

Najvada through her training has jumped up drastically in strength going from lifting 70kg squats to 115kg in only a couple of months. Whilst Lydia’s upper body strength has allowed her to go from 4 assisted chin ups to 5 on her own. Both girls have shown a real dedication and we are looking forward to seeing our relationship help take the Women of NRL Victoria to new heights and get them set to potentially be a part of a Women’s Melbourne Storm Team.”

Our extended family

Body & Health Creation

Osteopathy & Massage

We have a great alliance with our friends at Body & Health Creation  to ensure you are well cared for when your needs go beyond our scope of practice.

All Holistic Sister members receive discounts on initial consultations.

Address: Suite 7, 1st Floor, 33 Flemington Road, North Melbourne 3051

Phone: 9329 9889


Estuary embody their ethos “Nurture, Enliven, Grow” within their array of yoga styles, creating opportunity for individuals to explore and expand their yoga practice on and off the mat.

This warm and inviting studio, makes you feel like you have just walked into a big warm hug, and will hold you until you’re walking out the door grinning from ear to ear.

Lucy and Andrew have created a space that truly pulsates the yogi philosophy. You can feel it in the air.

Beyond all the happy feels of Estuary, you can be sure to be well looked after from highly experienced instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge & individuality making each experience one you want to return to.

640 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
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