metabolic conditioning

Debbie Harry – Metabolic Conditioning / HIIT

Metabolic conditioning & high intensity interval training is the way to go for those looking to increase muscle tone, while burning unwanted fat to improve your overall overall body composition. But the benefits don’t stop there; Expect to see an increase power, strength and endurance by conditioning all energy systems, by increasing the delivery and storage of energy in your body.
Think battle ropes, air bikes, sleds, rowers and a whole lot of ball throwing.
Expect to have your heart in your throat, but be assured you will have a team behind you cheering you to the end.


“Maybe fear gives us fortitude. Maybe pain forces us to change our lives in some way. But it’s never easy.”


Science also shows that metabolic training will burn more fat than endurance training alone due to EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption), which has a huge positive impact on your metabolism, brain function and overall longevity.

At Holistic Sister we believe there is no limit to self-improvement at any life-stage.
Just as the Blondie star Debbie Harry welcomes 50+ years performing, this punk/pop and style icon shows no sign of slowing down.
This high intensity class mimics the metabolic effect of an all-out night on stage, and the adrenalin release will have you wanting more.
Positive change comes with accepting the past, harnessing the lessons learnt and moving forward with purpose and resilience.
To sustain her rock’n’roll lifestyle through her 70s, Harry understands the need to care for herself with regular exercise, good nutrition, and continuous learning to keep her mentally sharp (inspired by Yoko Ono).




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