“Because you deserve it”

Mums & Bubs classes at Holistic Sister begins with a full body warm up, including mobility & activation exercises, followed by strength training, and finished with a heart pumping circuit.

While you move and get to know other like-mined women, babies are free to roam and enjoy the open and secure space, or watch lovingly from their prams.

Georgie being a nanny in a prior life is most happy to attend, and care for any bub at any stage, to ensure you can get the most out of each training session.

There is no question that exercise such as strength training is essential for health & longevity for all individuals.

However, mothers in particular who are often sleep deprived and constantly putting others before themselves, often need it the most.

We know that getting an hour to yourself is difficult at the best of times, let alone with a young one or two.

So we want to help you put yourself first for just an hour.


Benefits include;

– Increase energy & stamina

– Improved mental clarity / reduced brain fog

– Reduced back pain

– Improved sleep quality

– Fat loss / Improved body composition

– Self-confidence & empowerment

– Sense of community

– Positively influencing children & family


*Bubs & toddlers from any age are welcome.

*Please arrive 5-10 early, so we can begin together right on time.

*We have selection of toys, but by all means please bring along any favourite toys & books.

*For more information, pricing & membership options please contact:



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