Patti Smith – Mobility & Mindful Movement


A holistic revival class incorporating mobility, self myo-facial release, breath connection & guided meditation; this class is the Yin to the Yang of Debbie Harry and Beyoncé. Replenish, revive and renew your physical, mental & emotional self.
Guiding you through a mindful practice of body weight flows, primal movements, and the use of various tools to release tension. It’s the perfect supplement to your training regime for long lasting results.

‘Horses, is more concerned with the future than the past’ – Patti Smith (referring to her Album Horses)

When you let go of judgement & expectations, this class will allow you to let go of physical, mental & emotional attachments that often ‘define’ who you are today. By slowing down the sympathetic nervous system and learning to tap into your para-sympathetic nervous system you will have the power to nourish, restore and nurture your body from the many stresses we face today.

Daily life lesson can be learned through our body, and when we take time to listen and respond, we unlock the key to longevity.


“I haven’t lost anything, ‘cos I’ve learnt to take good care of myself I want to be around a really long time. I want to be a thorn in the side of everything as long as possible”

– Patti Smith –




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