‡ the gym

More than simply a gym, Holistic Sister is a complete fitness and wellness hub inspired by women. Combining carefully designed small group classes, nutritional support and education, our vision is to provide a ‘stage’ for all women to be their best: mindful, powerful and playful.

‡ the classes

Inspired by female musicians who are each strong, independent, and ‘healthy’ in their own way, Holistic Sister’s small group classes are designed to get members moving every day.

We offer three different Classes, each tailored to challenge and improve your body and mind in different ways.

We also offer specially designed programs for specific needs:

Sisters of our Future

A teen program encouraging young women to be active in a fun, supportive and empowering environment. More info

The Sisterhood

A flexible class membership for mother’s/mothers’ groups. More info

Sister Stars

A performance development program for young athletes and sporting teams aiming to take their career one step further.

‡ the creators

Georgie and Grace Gorman believe health is a balancing act that deserves diversity, which is not only true with nutrition and lifestyle, but also fitness.

Training in multiple disciplines, energy systems and nervous systems allows for positive change and longevity.

If their surname or photos haven’t given it away, Grace and Georgie are sisters and together they have found a way to combine their contrasting skill sets and mutual passion for health and wellness: by creating Holistic Sister.

Their aim is to empower women to explore self-awareness, self-love and strength in the physical, mental and emotional sense.

“When you truly understand who you are, how you thrive and how you don’t, you’re one step closer to success” Georgie says.

“Health means so many things to different people, so it’s important to us that we try to accommodate all women”

“Music is one example of an external ‘health influencer’ that is important to us. We believe its power to stimulate an energetic response, whether it be emotional or physical, can be a great tool to get more bang for your buck”

Georgie Gorman

Holistic Strength Coach, Director

Georgie has over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, both in Australia and abroad.

She’s worked in various roles as a personal trainer, head coach at Kids in Motion, and as a facilitator and speaker for the Beacon Foundation. She’s also in her final year of a degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine.

Georgie’s love of fitness began as a teenager disengaged from the core academic curriculum, but not from education itself. Being a kinaesthetic learner, she developed a passion for helping others find their very best selves through fitness.

“The physical benefits promote positive change for mental and emotional vulnerabilities when harboured appropriately,” she says.

“It’s vital to support these health aspects, so I have designed the classes specifically around this concept”

Grace Gorman

Fashion Brand Manager, Director

Having forged a successful career in brand management, Grace knows all too well the difficulties of juggling a busy corporate job with life’s many other challenges.

Through personal experience, she’s come to understand the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

Grace believes everyone should make the time care for themselves through a balanced diet and training program, and by surrounding themselves with positive influences.

In creating Holistic Sister, she’s aiming to help and inspire many women to do exactly that.

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