Georgie Gorman – Owner/Director & Head Trainer




Georgie is a Holistic Strength coach with a passion for optimal & sustainable health. With over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, Georgie has developed a training model where women can be empowered to exercise daily without risking burnout or boredom.


Natasha Turner – Strength & Conditioning / Sport Performance




Tash is a female sports performance enthusiast, dedicated to helping emerging female talent develop into elite athletes. With Tash individuals and /or teams can expect to be given an added advantage in their chosen by developing and refining;


– Skills

– Strength

– Speed/power

– Jumping & landing mechanics

– Running mechanics

– Mobility

– Injury prevention / mangement


Education & Experience

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science

Maters of Applied Sport Science

Level 2 ASCA Strength & Conditioning

Experience, with AFL and NRL in NSW & Victoria.


Lydia Thompson – Personal Trainer




Lydia is a bright and bubbly fitness enthusiast who is in the process of finishing her masters degree in Osteopathy, where she hopes to combine her love for movement and helping people thriving in their physical body, pain free.

Lydia’s extensive knowledge of the body ensure’s thorough individualised movement screening, and prescription when training under her guidance. You can expect fun, and well thought-out programs designed specifically for you and your needs.


Education & Experience

Certificate 3 Fitness

Certificate 4 Fitness (current)

Bachelor Clinical Science: Osteopathy (current)

Mastered of Health Science: Osteopathy (current)


Personal Goals: Training for a 2020 triathlon

Julia Balci – Nutritionist




Julia is a clinical nutritionist (BHsc Nut Med) who is passionate about educating others on how certain foods, diet and lifestyle choices can optimise and restore health & well being.

Julia’s experience working in the ‘gut health’ industry has given her an in depth understanding of the gut microbiome and the vital role it plays in overall immunity, ingraining a firm belief that food is medicine.

Julia believe’s in nourishing the body and giving it what it needs to work optimally.

Focussing on a holistic approach to assess all aspects of one’s life, including any underlying conditions in order to create individualised treatment plans.

Areas to explore include but are not limited to:

– Impaired digestive health
– Stress
– Poor sleep quality
– Low energy levels
– Thyroid health
– Allergies
– Compromised immunity
– Reproductive health
– Support in specific diet plans

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